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Last Updated on : 03 March 2023


The library of Tropical Forest Research Institute, Jabalpur (M.P.) was established in the year of 1973, as a part of erstwhile Regional Forest Research Centre (RFRC) of Forest Research Institute, Dehra Dun.  It was a humble beginning, with books mainly on Silviculture, Ecology, Biodiversity and Pathology related to the earlier of the centre. When the Tropical Forest Research Institute, Jabalpur (M.P.) came in to existence in the year 1989, much impetus and emphasis was given to the improvement of existing library facilities. Continuous efforts on the part of all the Directors and Coordinator (Facilities) at the Institute has lead to the improvement and the present status of these facilities.


Presently the Library is located in its new building named Library Cum Information Centre. The Book Section of the library is housed at ground floor of the building and Reference Section is housed at first floor of the building. The library is well equipped with Chairs, Reading Tables, Open Books Racks, Book Selves, Display Racks, News Paper Tables, Cataloguing Box, Computer and Printer etc. which provides better reading and display facilities for the benefit of Scientists, Researchers and Research Scholars. Approximately 10,000 books in the fields of Soil science, Silviculture, Genetics, Ecology, Pathology, Entomology, Non Wood Forest Produce, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Agro forestry, Forestry, Economics & Statistics, Botany, Wildlife, Computers, F A O Publications, General Books, Hindi,  and Reference Books :  Reprints / Titles / Encyclopedia / Dictionaries.  
  Approximately 102 Foreign and 52 Indian Journals in bounded form and about 30 Journals in unbounded forms are available in the library. The institute presently subscribed about 15 Indian Journals. All the old issues issues of journals and periodicals are hard bound and displayed in the reference section of the library. Classification of all the books in the institute's library is based on Oxford Decimal Classification (ODC) System of Forestry Nomenclature and Catalogue Cards (Anglo American Cataloguing Rules (AACR-II)) based on Author's Name and Titles are available for reference. The books on the different fields has been displayed with the increasing number of nomenclature in the shelves marked with broad categories of subject, titles etc. The readers have direct access to all the books and the journals displayed in the shelves.


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For further details please contact:

Shri Vijay Kumar D. Kamble


Library cum Information Centre

Phone: +91-761-2840002 (O), 0761-2744173, 178

E-mail: library_tfri[at]icfre[dot]gov[dot]in, vdkamble[at]icfre[dot]gov[dot]in

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