Name Dr. Yogeshwar Mishra

Designation Scientist "F" & Head, Silviculture Division
Qualification M. Sc., Ph. D.
Experience 20 Years
Subject Area Tissue culture of Forest species
Publication 25

Research Paper Published

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Paper published in conference proceeding

  1. Totey, N.G, Mishra, Y., Verghese, M., Verma R.K., Khatri, P.K. and Pathak, H.D. 1992. Effect of fire on regeneration and physic-chemical properties of soil, Proceedings of regional meeting of silviculturists and research workers of Central region, Chandrapur 19-20 November.

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Book chapters

  1. Ansari, S.A., Kumar, P. and Mishra, Y. 2001. Triacontanol: a natural growth regulator from plant wax. In: Phytohormones in crop productivity under different environments (Eds. Khan, N.A. and Samiullah), pp 43-68. Scientific Publishers, Jodhpur.

  2. Shirin, F., Mishra Y., Yadav S., Patel P. and Ansari S.A. 2008. Effect of various culture conditions on in vitro shoot multiplication in Bambusa nutans Wall and Bambusa tulda Roxb. In: Forest Biotechnology in India (Eds. Ansari, S.A., Narayanan, C. and Mandal, A.K. ), pp. 177-185. Satish Serial Publishing House, Delhi.

Seminar/symposium/conference/workshop attended

  1. Mishra, Y. attended an international (IUFRO) seminar on Micropropagation and spread of superior genetic material of forest trees held at New Delhi from 10-13 April 1998 and presented a paper entitled "Effect of triacontanol (Vipul) on in vitro shoot multiplication of Dendrocalamus strictus."

  2. Mishra, Y. attended national seminar on Herbal conservation cultivation marketing and utilization with special emphasis on Chhattisgarh 'The Herbal State' held at Shristi Herbal Ayurvedic Research Institute, Raipur from 13-14 December 2001 and presented a paper entitled "Regeneration of plants from leaflet explants of tissue culture raised Ruta graveolens, a multipurpose medicinal plants."

  3. Mishra, Y. attended national symposium on Plant Biotechnology for Conservation, Characterization and Crop Improvement held at Mohan Lal Sukhadia University, Udaipur from 8-10 Feb. 2008 and presented a paper entitled "Standardization of propagation method for conservation and sustainable utilization of Rauvolfia serpentina Benth."

  4. Mishra, Y. attended national workshop on Sustainable Management of NTFP held at T.F.R.I., Jabalpur from 18-19 January 2008 and presented a paper entitled "Factors affecting germination behavior of Rauvolfia serpentina."

  5. Mishra, Y. attended National Conference on Bamboos: Management, Conservation, Value Addition and Promotion held at T.F.R.I., Jabalpur from 12-14 March 2008 and presented a paper entitled "Acclimatization and macroproliferation of micropropagated plants of Bambusa nutans Wall. and Bambusa tulda Roxb."

  6. Mishra, Y. attended International Conference on Molecular Biology and Biotechnology held at Bansthali University, Rajsthan from 19-21 October 2008 and presented a paper entitled "Studies on micropropagation of some important medicinal plants."